Stronghold Halcyon Hey There Delilah

We call Delilah our "circus dog". She loves to jump into your lap or onto the chair next to you. She is a great little guard dog and will alert you to anything happening outside. She especially loves cuddling and getting under the covers on chilly days. 

Halcyon's Benny and the Jets

Jet is a very energetic boy who will do just about anything for a biscuit! He lost his eye as a pup, but we still think he is pretty cute! He really enjoys being brushed and getting his muzzle rubbed by Dad!  


Coconut is a small mutt that Bridget brought home with her from St Kitts. Coconut's mother and her newborn puppies were found on the street covered in fleas and ticks and extremely under nourished. A student run rescue group, Saving Animals From Emergency (SAFE), took them in and nursed them all back to health. Coconut is now loving her new (and very spoiled) life in America! We joke that if she had a registered name, it would be Halcyon's Kittitian Princess. 

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