Frequently Asked Questions

What does Halcyon mean?

Halcyon is the name of a mythical bird that charmed the wind and waves to calm. Years ago Peter bought a beautiful sailboat named Halcyon and decided to carry over the name to his nautical dogs.

Are your dogs registered with the American Kennel Club?

Yes. All of our dogs are registered with the AKC which means that they are purebred dogs, and your puppy will also be recognized and registered with the AKC.

What is a "Limited Registration"?

Our puppies go home with a Limited AKC registration. A dog with a Limited Registration is still fully recognized by the AKC. The Limited Registration allows the breeder to select which pups, if any, will be allowed to be bred later. We will sell pups with Full registrations for an additional fee and thorough background check of the potential breeder.  

Do your dogs have health clearances?

All of our breeding dogs are certified to be free of hip dysplasia either by OFA or PennHip. 

Have the puppies been vet checked?

The pups will have had their first set of shots and will be dewormed before you take them home. Each puppy will go home with AKC registration papers, copies of parents' pedigrees and health clearances, and puppy care information.

Do you provide a health guarantee?

We provide a health guarantee which is detailed in our sales contract. Please contact us if you wish to view it. 

What does the puppy picking process consist of?

We take puppy reservations throughout the year. We hope to have homes for most of our pups before the litter is whelped. Once the puppies are born we will start taking deposits. The families are welcome to come visit at anytime. The puppies will go to their new homes after 8 weeks of age. 

What if I can no longer take care of my dog?

We do our best to place our puppies in forever homes, but we know that things can change and unfortunate circumstances can arise. Our puppies will be welcomed here at any stage of life and for any reason.

Do you recommend spaying/neutering?

Recent research has shown that early spaying and neutering (before 1 year of age) in Golden Retrievers can increase the chance that your dog will develop cancer. We recommend waiting until your dog is fully mature at 2 years old to spay or neuter. 

Do you recommend crate training?

YES! A crate for a dog is like a den for a wolf. It is a place where they feel comfortable and safe. Dogs do not like to eliminate in the same space that they eat or sleep, so by crate training you are limiting the places and time your dog has to go to the bathroom. This makes house training so much easier! However, you do not want to leave your puppy in the crate for any extended period of time (most training experts say no more than three or four hours for a puppy, and no more than eight hours for an adult dog). If you do not crate train your dog we recommend at the very least bringing your dog to an obedience class. This will be the first step to making your cute new puppy a great family pet. 

Do you recommend puppy kindergarten?

Yes! We require new owners to bring their puppy to AT LEAST one training class. This helps foster a strong bond between dog and owner, teaches your puppy basic training commands, and supports early socialization. 

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